We've always said that beyond just being fun for the kids, our classes make a difference in their lives. But you don't have to take it from us! Here's what some parents have to say about the changes they've seen in their kids since they started at the Children's Theatre:

Foundations in Acting:

I just wanted to thank you for providing my daughter with such a wonderful experience! The 12 week intro program has benefited her in so many ways. I’ve seen Vanessa’s confidence and self-assurance grow with every class. She says she is much more comfortable when speaking in front of the class – she even does presentations without notes! She is comfortable enough to inject spontaneous humour in her presentations and she is trying out different material.

Acting as an art form is also interesting her. She watches movies from the sixties (Jack Lemmon and Walther Mathau) and appreciates the humour. She speaks of acting with her father who performed in a few plays at the Centaur. It’s wonderful to see them share a common interest. Vanessa is less shy in social situations and maintains better eye contact with adults.

So many benefits in such a short time – thanks again!

~ Vanessa’s mom

Starlight Players for Students with Autism

My son looked forward to the weekly classes so much that it was never a problem getting him going on a Saturday morning – as anyone with a teenager knows, this is not an easy thing to do! And on the last day, watching them on stage I was touched by the kind, gentle guiding of the teacher to keep the play moving and "actors" on task – all was done with a great smile and a sense of humour. Through the weeks, you had turned them into a great team. One young man who had never uttered a word in the car as we drove to and from the classes surprised me by the strength of his voice and his diction; I didn't even know that he had a voice!
Thank you all for these courses and we look forward to seeing you again in September.

~ Jonathan's Mom


Right from the first meeting with the people from the school, my son seemed to feel at ease. It was great to see him explore his creativity in a safe and supportive environment. After several weeks, I did notice that he was more willing to express himself in all kinds of contexts and that he was using his imagination a lot in every day play at home. Even his use of language has improved. Thanks, Children's Theatre School! We'll be back!

~ Jacky V.


"I want to act all day!” With a big smile and full of excitement, this is what my son, Emilio, told me after his first class for teens with autism at The Children’s Theatre.

It was a great experience for him to develop his speech, his self-confidence, his social skills and to become more knowledgeable. He wants to go many times per week – he wants to go forever. He is always making sure that I am registering him for next year and asks a lot about the course.

I recommend The Children’s Theatre to every parent when they ask me about my son’s improvement this year. The staff is great…great, and very professional, you can see they have many years of experience.

I want to say thank you to everyone for all the help that they offered to my son, and all the joy they gave him. Thank you to everyone, I don’t know everyone’s name but everyone is just great from the moment that you walk in, until the end. Everyone is nice; the administration is great, and the teacher is a genius!

Many Thanks!

~ Lama Shakar

Young Drama Program

When we initially decided to register our four-year-old son in the Young Drama Program, we knew it would be a great avenue for his limitless energy and creativity. While slightly apprehensive at first, he quickly came to love his Saturday mornings at The Children's Theatre, where he has been able to make new friends and bond with his two teachers. We have also noticed a change in his ability to express himself. He now speaks with greater confidence in his opinions and delivers them with more clarity. His imaginary play has developed a much stronger narrative and focus, and despite a fairly extroverted personality, some of the shyness associated with his age group has diminished considerably. His sense of his own body has also changed, as he now moves with more grace and fluidity, and can even assume a different body language when play acting. I wholeheartedly recommend the Young Drama Program to any parent of a preschooler who is preparing for the transition to a formal education and wants their child to start off with the ability to assert themselves when needed, and engage in meaningful social interaction with confidence."

~ Paul O

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