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About The School


Over 10,000 Montrealers have attended classes at The Children's Theatre since the school was founded in 1933 by Montreal legends Dorothy Davis and Violet Walters.

Many people said a drama school founded in the midst of the Great Depression, by two women no less, would not survive. However, the ladies' passion and commitment to children and the theatre turned their school into a Montreal institution that is still going strong to this day.

Many of the students have gone on to professional careers in motion pictures and on television and the stage including William Shatner, Ben Mulroney and Tony-award winning actor Richard Easton. Others have pursued careers behind the scenes in production or outside of the arts. What can be said for all students is that The Children's Theatre offers a rewarding and enriching experience.


A major goal of the curriculum is to raise the students level of self-confidence. Techniques employed by The Children's Theatre bring out creativity and personality in young people. They learn to speak well and to express themselves with clarity and confidence. The shy become more outgoing, the extroverts are given a positive outlet for expression and all students learn the value of attitude, demeanor and teamwork. To ensure the effectiveness of these techniques, we have only 12 students (or less) per class.


  • Enthusiasm
  • Self-Expression
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Stage-craft
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Skills


A summary of our philosophy:

The goal of 'The Children's Theatre' is to give each child the space in which to realize their potential. For some this means building the self-confidence to "come out of one's shell,"  For everyone it is a place where they can express themselves, learn about emotions and build understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them. We do this through character work, body movement and vocal work.  We want each child to realize their individual strengths and learn about how to work with others in a team, by listening and interacting in a way only theatre can teach. 

The life skills (along with acting skills) that come from the classes are astounding. It is amazing that all of this can be learned in a fun and joyful environment, where positive reinforcement is used while teaching projection, diction, mime, posture, body movement and vocal skills, and of course the whole process of putting on a play builds individual and group pride enormously.  

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